Manufacturing of violins, viola, cellos

All the wood I use is chosen with great care. The wood is not only selected for its aesthetic aspect (curly maple) but the mechanical quality is in my opinion a very important point. To be selected the trees must have straight grain and tight and regular growth rings.

To my mind the cutting of the wood is essential and I take part in the sawing of the wood in quarters. Then I make sure the wood is dried naturally in a well aired area. Finally I saw it up to make the future table, back, ribs and neck. These parts are then left to slowly age in my work shop.

Manufacturing of violins, viola, cellos : :

Inspired by italian and french violin making to make my instruments.

The back and the table are in one or two parts. The ribs and the neck match the back.

I make my purflings : ebony / maple / ebony

Or if you wish : ebony / pear tree / ebony

The varnishes range from orange-yellow to brown.