Rent of Instruments

In the workshop, you can rent all the sizes of violins, violas and cellos.

Inside the rent of instrument :
- 1 violin / or viola / or cello.
- 1 case/ 1 semirigid cover for celli.
- 1 bow
- 1  rosin block
- 1 KUN cushion ( for violins and altos)

All instruments are regularly checked and adjusted to optimize play and comfort. The lease allows the child or adult to practice music before investing in an instrument.

motif of string cover – violin rental Paul Beley

 2022 / 2023  rental of instruments prices :

Type of instrument Price / month
Violin (all size) or small viola from 1/10 to 3/4 17 €
4/4 violin with carbon bow 19 €
Viola from Lg. : 36 cm 20 €
 1/8 cello 25 €
 1/4 and 1/2 cello 27 €
 3/4 cello 30 €
4/4 cello 31 €

Terms of hire :

The rental is settled monthly or quarterly and is paid at the beginning of the term. You can change the size at any time of the year without any contract changes.

Is also included in the rental: The remixing of the bow and all repairs that do not come from a misuse of the instrument.

Not included in the rental: Insurance of the rented instrument, it is strongly advised. Check your school insurance, check if you are already insured (multirisks, Mae, etc ...).